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Tick, tock, the clock strikes the hour!

A fun and educational board filled with opportunities for learning to tell the time in a structured and methodical way. The accompanying activity cards add an extra level of difficulty.

Once the child has cracked the code they will enjoy being able to look at the clock and see that in five minutes time it’s time to eat.

You can look forward to a really good and fun learning experience together with your child.

Our wooden toys are specially, constructed to educate and amuse in equal measure.

Ideal for developing: cognitive skills, thinking, learning, concentration, memory, problem solving, recognition, numbers – understanding quantities.

All of our wooden toys conform to current EU toy safety standards and carry the CE mark.

Brand: by ASTRUP®
Recommended age from: 3+
Contains: 43 parts

1 clock board + 1 holder + 13 hour-pieces + 16 minute-pieces + 12 activity cards

Dimensions: Board: 22 x 27 x 8 cm

Bricks: 3.8 x 3.8 cm

Activity cards: 8 x 4 cm

Material: FSC certified. Plywood. Pinewood

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