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An eye-catching and simple wooden jigsaw puzzle, which is the perfect cue to talk about the animals, pictured. What sounds do they make? What do they eat? Where do they live and so on? A fun way to learn.

What’s more, the animals are made of beechwood and are highly decorative, are stackable and are perfect for displaying in your child’s bedroom.

Why does a T-Rex have such short arms? Why does a Stegosaurus have spikes on its back? Why does a Triceratops have three horns?

An opportunity for children and parents to talk about animals and for parents to answer the many, many questions children have about them – assuming mum and dad know the answers, that is!

Our wooden toys are specially, constructed to educate and amuse in equal measure.

Ideal for developing: hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, memory, concentration, logical thinking, problem-solving, the senses of touch and sight, knowledge, language.

All of our wooden toys conform to current EU toy safety standards and carry the CE mark.

Brand: by ASTRUP®
Recommended age from: 3+
Contains: 7 parts

1 Board + 6 Figures

Dimensions: Board: 12.5 x 18.5 x 3 cm
Material: FSC-certified. Beech wood

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