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Cooler bags and thermos flasks are an absolute must for picnics and beach trips.

In this new and complete MAMAMEMO® wooden picnic set you’ll find all three.

Plus the set naturally has water, food, cake and fruit – everything you need for a wonderful outing and hours of fun with friends, dolls or teddy bears.

 Our wooden toys are specially made to provide entertainment and improve learning.

All our toys comply with European regulations for toy safety and are CE marked.

Age: 3+
Contains: 14 parts

1 cooler bag + 1 thermos flask + 2 water bottles + 2 mugs + 2 pizza snails + 2 pear halves + 2 watermelon slices + 2 small tarts

Measurements: Cooler bag: 14 x 11.5 x 13 cm

Thermos flask: Diameter: 6 cm H:16.5 cm

Material: FSC certified plywood. Tea wood Beech. Birch. MDF

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