Geox-Blikk Strigaskór bláir

11890 kr.
8323 kr.

Breathable cushioning junior sneaker with an active aesthetic that taps into a running-shoe style. This version of Illuminus in navy and airforce blue is loaded with casual charm and energy and will prove to be ideal for schooltime and leisure pursuits alike. Crafted from a tumbled-leather-effect material and fabric, it has been fitted with special LED lights on the outsole which cast an attractive kaleidoscopic pattern on the ground.
  • Breathability for the outsole and a feeling of well-being for the foot are guaranteed by Geox-patented systems.
  • An outstanding cushioning effect which offers protection and soaks up jolts and vibrations.
  • Lightweight footwear for comfortable walking throughout the day.
  • Highly wearable piece of footwear that delivers superior comfort levels.
  • Antibacterial footbed.
  • The covering on the footbed has been made from non-toxic chrome-free leather.
  • Footwear with lights and on/off switch.
  • The single riptape closure and elasticated lacing make it easy to slip on and adjust.
  • The removable footbed is hygienic and practical.

Upper: 70% Synthetic-30% Textile
Lining: 100% Textile

Outsole: 100% Synthetic Material
Insole: 100% Leather

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